Welcome the ASA Soaring Boutique

You can now outfit your soaring wardrobe, your soaring kitchen, and even
your soaring infants.....

The online Boutique features four different size versions of the ASA Logo.

You can click on the designs at the left of the web page, and then click on
the product headings at the top, and you will be presented with preview
images of the shirt, hoodie, cap, coffee mug, infant body suit, dog T-shirt,
etc. etc. etc of your choice. Many have color choices as well.

There are no set-up charges, and everyone can order what they want...
individually, without having to conform to the fashion tastes of a committee
or individual, and the club will make a small markup to go to the ASA treasury!

With four sizes of logo, you can customize the size of the logo in relation
to the particular product that you are ordering. The pricing is set to
provide a 10% commission that will be paid back to the club.

Click here to go directly to the ordering page!