Dates:  June 17-18, 2023
The Albuquerque Soaring Association announces our 4th Annual F3L International Competition.  
This is an AMA-sanctioned event.  Follow the discussion and latest information on RCGroups.
Contest Site:  Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque, NM   (GPS Coord:  35.1978839,-106.5974739)
The Park is home to the world famous Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and features acres of lush grass and thermals.  It is convenient to lodging, restaurants, and other necessities.
Lunch, water and refreshments will be provided on both days (included in registration fee). 
Registration:  Here (last page), or by mail. With online registration you can pay your entry fee by PayPal or mail in a check.  If you would prefer to print an entry form and mail it with payment, please use the Mail-In Registration form.  Registration closes Wednesday, June 14 - Registrations will not be accepted at the contest site.
Entry Fee and Requirements:  $100 (non-refundable).  ALL PILOTS MUST BE AMA MEMBERS.  This is an AMA-sanctioned event--Membership cards will be checked.  Non-US pilots may sign up as an AMA Affiliate Member for $36 at check-in.

Contest Director:  Daniel Roberts
Phone:  (505) 453-6743

Contest Manager:  Greg McGill
Phone:  (575) 642-7679

Contest Schedule:

Friday, June 16:  Optional test flying day starting around 9AM.  A frequency board will be available and must be used.  Morning flying will be conducted on grass panels D4 and D3 (Note:  Please enquire regarding safety rules enforced on these panels.  D6 and D7 are used by the Duke City Electric Flyers.)

  • Friday Evening June 16, pilots welcome get together (Venue TBD)
  • Saturday, June 17:  Check in time is 8:00 AM., MDT 
  • Pilots’ meeting is at 9:00 AM. 
    First group will fly at 9:30 AM.  Flying will be in teams of four. There will be eight hi-start lanes. In addition a ninth lane with a hi-start may be used as an alternate lane at the direction of the CD. A likely situation for that would be the mechanical failure of a hi-start in lanes 1 through 8.
    We will stop flying as near to 5:00 PM as possible
  • Saturday Evening:  Dine together, venue TBD (Pay as you go)
  • Sunday, June 18:   Pilots’ meeting 9:00 AM.  First group will fly at 9:30 AM. We will stop flying as near to 1:00 PM as possible.

General Rules Summary 

The contest rules will be in accordance with the English Translation/Interpretation For Class F3L Thermal Gliders (Rudder, Elevator, Spoilers), as posted here and with additional rules as promulgated by the Contest Director.
Significantly, the following additions to the above-mentioned F3L rules shall be in force:

  • The Flight is canceled and recorded as a zero score if all parts of the model land or extends ‘off-panel’ - specifically Panel D-6.
  • Pilots whose models land within the boundaries of the Golf Center (south of Panel D-6) at Balloon Fiesta Park will be required to report to the Golf Center Office to arrange for retrieval of their models.
  •  Hand launching will not be allowed in order to expedite retrieval. No hand launching whatsoever may be done between time the horn sounds at the start of the first task window and at the end of the last task window of the day, except during extended breaks in the competition (such as for lunch). Model retrieval back to the starting line may only be done by walking or running  with a model in hand. The Flight is canceled and recorded as a zero score if any contest official observes a hand launch.

Penalties:  Safety violation penalties will be assessed, per  F3L Rules. including, but not limited to low flying over, or landing in ‘pit’ areas, the access corridor, the Golf Center, and other zones declared as safety or ‘no-fly’ zones by the CD.

The CD will announce additional rules/restrictions as field conditions may warrant.

Scoring:  The program GliderScore will be used to score the event.  Scores will be entered by pilot/helper using the smartphone-based GliderScore eScoring Interface.  Please install a QR code reading program on your phone.  Paper score sheets will be available for use by pilots without smartphone access.  Scores shall also be entered on the score sheets provided, for verification/backup

Lodging:  Representative motels near the park can be found here:  Lodging Near Balloon Park
RV Parking:  No overnight parking is allowed in Balloon Fiesta Park.
Directions to Balloon Fiesta Park:  Balloon Fiesta Park is off of I-25 near Roy/Tramway Road on the north edge of Albuquerque.  Set your GPS to Balloon Fiesta Pkwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113 and enter through Gate 3. On Google Maps enter: Northeast Gate Balloon Fiesta. A club official will be present at 8 AM on contest mornings to open the automatic gate and present to you a gate pass and give you parking instructions to a parking location.  Other days/hours are TBD.  Absolutely no parking or driving on grass surfaces. 

Registration Form:  2023 F3-L International RES Competition
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Albuquerque Soaring Association
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