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Here are some tips and tricks our members would like to share. We don't claim to have invented these (though some we may have). But, rather we've found these useful and worthy of passing on to others.

If you have a useful tip or building trick please share it with others by sending it to the webmaster at :

Futaba 9C Advanced Mixes

by Dan Tandberg - Futaba 9C Mixes

Light Weighting the Wind Dancer

by Fred McClung - Wind Dancer

Dan's Ball-Link Removal Tool - Dan's Tool

Baking Soda & CA 
by Clin Lashway

This is an old idea, but I was in the hobby for several years before Terry Pierce brought it to my attention, so I'm sure somebody else will find this a "new" idea for them.

You can create extremely strong fillets or fill small gaps in glue joints by spreading baking soda. When you get it just where you want it, apply one or more drops of thin CA. It will quickly soak the baking soda and set almost instantly.

Be warned, the end result is literally rock solid. It is NOT sandable. Grindable is more like it. It is also not a light-weight technique, but it can be just the thing at times.

I have also found it very useful in attaching push-rod tubing. Just put a bit of baking soda every few inches and hit it with the CA and you'll have a housing that is never going to move.

I use a bottle just like a 1 oz CA bottle that I keep the baking soda in. You can "squirt" a little baking soda right where you want it. Though you could clean out an empty bottle of CA, I by new bottles at the hobby shop (Hobbies 'N Stuff).

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