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What is Thermal Duration (TD)?

Thermal duration is a flying format where thermalling the airplane is the primary goal. A wide range of planes are flown, but state-of-the-art planes are common. Using winches to launch the planes, launches of 600 feet or more are common.

Rules vary, but generally there is target maximum flight time with a precision landing. Points are deducted for being both under and over the target time. Typically there are also points awarded for landing near a predefined landing spot.

Where and When do we fly TD?

We fly TD at the sod farm, but occasionally fly at other locations.

It is regularly flown the second weekend of every month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Please see the club calendar. This is subject to change.

Is this for New Pilots ?

Yes and no.

In the Albuquerque Soaring Association, we are very inclusive of all flying skill levels. A beginner is welcome at all of our events. However, pilots typically use winches for the TD event and many beginner planes cannot make use of a full-power winch launch.

Having said that, a beginner is still very welcome and can even use a high-start if that is more appropriate.

All pilots interested in Thermal Duration will also be interested in our monthly Hiss & Boink event.

For more information contact the Thermal Duration Mother at:


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