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What is F5J?

F5J, is an unofficial designation for electric sailplane contests. The planes use electric motors to power the gliders to an altitude where, after shutting off the motor, they begin thermalling.

Rules vary, but contests usually limit the motor run time. Then the pilot tries to keep the plane in the air for the target time, typically 10 or 15 minutes. There are often landing points for landing near a predefined spot.

For complete details on the rules we use in the ASA please see:

ASA Club F5J Event Rules

We have only just started using this latest version of the rules. You can check out a contest report on how this worked out at:

F5J Club Contest Report

Where and When do we fly F5J?

We fly club contests at the sod farm, but occasionally fly at other locations for special events.

Our regular club F5J events are shown on the club calendar . This is subject to change.

For more information, contact the F5J Mother at:

Previous Contests

2007 Albuquerque F5J World Challenge

2006 Albuquerque F5J World Challenge

2005 Albuquerque F5J World Challenge

OCTOBER 2004 F5J Electric Soaring World Challenge

3rd Annual Regional F5J
Electric Powered Sailplane Contest RESULTS!

2003 Electric Soaring World Challenge

June 2003 F5J Contest Results in PDF Format!


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