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Here are some photos of past recent ASA activities. If you have any photos you'd like to put on this web page, please send them to :

If possible, ZIP them into one large file, but often e-mail attachments won't work if they get larger than 1 Mb. 

Greens Peak May 2005

Aerotow  2004

Greens Peak July 2004

Hiss & Boink September 2003

Picnic 2003

August 2003 Fun-Fly

Picnic August 2005
All of these shots were provided by Kevin Berger with his aerial photography setup.



That's Dennis Renner's Diablo pattern plane near the bottom. 

Unknown yellow glider in the air. 

Here's a shot look back at us from the north. 

Another unidentified plane flying by. 


Here's the storm we were all keeping an eye on. 


Green's Peak May 2005
All these shots provide by Bill Mclean

We're so pretty, oh so pretty.


Fishn' for Lift.

Beautiful Flyby.


Run Forrest Run!


Dan's not one to let a little ol' hail storm keep him from flying.

"Hey, This thing ain't gettn' any lighter. Can I throw it now?"

Got to have a "Huh" photo.


Wow. It really does fly.


Aerotow July & Aug 2004
All these shots are from Bill Mclean

Gee, we never knew Bill liked to play with dolls.


Buzz Averill with his Schweizer.


Ken Parker and his tow plane.

Now here's trouble if I've every seen it.


A couple of great looking planes 

The good, the bad, and the ugly. You decide who is who. 


Bill Mclean's DUO landing.


Buzz's Grunau Baby. Just too cool.
And yes, that's a rare sighting of Taylor Collins in the background.

The Grunau Baby landing.


Getting ready to tow.


I just never notice how dashing GI Joe was before..



Green's Peak Trip July 2004
All these shots were taken by Bill Mclean

Green's Peak seen from the bottom of the hill.


Amateurs, looks like plenty of room for more planes to me.
Roomer has it that that grin never left Dan's face the whole trip.


Here's Richard Shagam launching Dan Tandberg's plane.

Here's Dan, his Red & White plane, and that darn grin.

More of Bill's Trip Photos


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