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The ASA has an e-mail list server using Google Groups. This allows club members to send e-mail to all the club members by simply sending an e-mail to:


Any e-mail sent to this address will be forwarded to all the club members that have subscribed to the list server. I.E, our members of the soarabq Google group. In order to receive e-mail, you must subscribe to the list (be a member of the Google Group soarabq).

What is it?

How do I subscribe?

How do I use the list?

How do I unsubscribe?


Problems? Contact:

What is it?

This is an automated e-mail list that allows you to send one e-mail to the list and have it automatically sent to everyone on the list. The advantage is that you don't need to know anyone else's e-mail and therefore you don't need to keep an up-to-date list of club member e-mail addresses.

Similarly, when anyone else sends something to the list, you will receive it. It will be your responsibility to subscribe to the list and to unsubscribe and re-subscribe if your e-mail address changes.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe, simply enter your e-mail address in the box below and press the "Subscribe" button.

SoarAbq Google Group
Subscribe to the SoarAbq Google Group
Visit this group

 Note: Once you subscribe, you will be sent a confirming message.

You must reply as directed in this message in order to confirm your membership.

Membership to the list is manually controlled by the list manager. Therefore you will not be made a member until the list manager approves it. This is done to prevent spammers from using the list.

How do I use the list?

Sending Messages.

Just send an email message to this address:

Receiving Messages.

Once you have subscribed to the list, you will automatically receive all messages sent to the list.


Archived Messages.

One big advantage to the list is the archive it creates of all e-mails. This makes it possible to go back and look at past e-mails. To access the e-mails, you must go to:


Do not use auto-reply.

You may have the ability to set an auto-reply for your e-mails. This is a system that people use when they won't be reading their e-mail for awhile. However, any message you send to the list is also sent to you. Any auto-reply to the list will send you a copy of your auto-response, and it may go into a loop.

This loop may generate thousands of e-mails to everyone on the list. This problem is not confirmed for our list. It is being investigated and if we can determine it isn't a problem we will let people know. If you do need to setup an auto-reply, please unsubscribe from the list. It only takes a moment to unsubscribe and re-subscribe when you return.

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to "My Account" on Google Groups and select "Manage My Accounts" you can select the Soarabq group and select unsubscribe. There are other options available. For example, you can select "No email" and will not receive club email, but will still be a member of the group and can access the soarabq Google group.

Note: This only removes you as a member of the soarabq group and does not delete your Google account.


The Google Groups list is relatively new, and therefore we don't yet have specific troubleshooting recommendations. If you encounter problems contact:


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