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What is a Hiss & Boink?

The Hiss & Boink is a monthly contest typically flown with a 2-Meter Glider using a high start for launching. This contest was started by Jim Simpson years ago as a way to involve both novice and expert flyers in an informal and relaxed contest.

The standard rules are that any type of glider can be flown, but everyone uses the same high-start and pulls this high start back the same amount.

The task requires three flights of up to 4 minutes maximum. Landing points are awarded for landing along a landing tape.

Here's where the Hiss and Boink comes in. Landing points are only awarded for a Hiss landing not for a Boink. The best definition for a Hiss is a landing representing that of a full-scale airplane.

Ground loops, twisting or flipping over are definitely Boinks.
Click here for the official rules.

Where and When do we fly the Hiss & Boink?

We fly Hiss & Boink at the sod farm, but occasionally fly at other locations.

It is regularly flown the third Saturday of every month. Please see the club calendar . This is subject to change.

Is this for New Pilots ?

Yes it is. We strongly encourage new pilots to come out. We will provide lots of help. We often launch and land airplanes for a new pilot if that's what is needed.

It is still a challenge for experienced pilots. To date, NO ONE has ever flown 3 maximum times AND scored landing points on each of these flights. We have had quite a few fly three max-time flights, but never with landing points on each.

For more information, contact the Hiss and Boink Mother at:


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