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Hand Launch

Airplane Theory

Just "Plane" Fun

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General RC Sailplane Links

Fat Lion Sailplane
One of the best sailplane resource sites on the net. Lots of useful information. A wonderful site for the beginner.

Radio Control Soaring Exchange
The Radio Control Soaring Exchange (RCSE) is a great source of R/C soaring info This e-mail news list will send you either individual messages or a digest form with groups of messages. Most of the real experts are available on-line to ask questions.

RCSE Archives is a great way to monitor RCSE topics if you would rather not subscribe.

RC Groups
RC Groups is an online forum with information and conversations on ALL types of radio control modelling. The discussions can get lengthy, and they reveal that everyone has an opinion! Here's a link to the Sailplanes threads:

Greg Mehojah
Our own local slope and electric fanatic, Greg Mehojah has a neat web site at

Clubs & Organizations

The Albuquerque Radio Control Club is our largest non-sailplane-oriented area club. They primarily fly at the George Maloof Air Park on the west side of Albuquerque:

The Albuquerque Area Electric Flyers don't yet have a dedicated website. For now, they use RC Groups:

The Charles River R/C Club has an excellent site, with good tech articles, model plans (including the Terminator hand launch and the Allegro Lite 2 Meter) available for download.

The Rocky Mountain Soaring Association in Denver has a site (including plans for the Soarcerer).

If you have an interest in scale R/C soaring, check out the International Scale Soaring Association.

The Prescott Valley Silent Flyers, Prescott AZ.

Other area clubs include:

Alamogordo RC'ers
Alamagordo, NM

Stealth City Flyers
Alamagordo, NM

Belen Area Radio Controllers
Belen, NM

Clovis Model Airplane Driver Society (MADS)
Clovis, NM

Cloud Dusters RC Club
Hobbs, NM

Los Alamos Aeromodelers
Los Alamos, NM

Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club (MVMAC)
Las Cruces, NM

Rocky Mountain Flying Machine
Albuquerque, NM

Roswell Aircraft Flyers
Roswell, NM

San Juan R/C Club
Farmington, NM 

Hand Launch

RC Builder
One of our members, Aradhana Singh Khalsa, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art, world-class discus-launch gliders:

British Association of Radio Control Flyers has some great suggestions for practicing hand lauch gliding and a bunch of other good stuff. Check 'em out.

Airplane Theory  

RC Soaring Guide
One of our members, Brad Smith, has written an online book that's "all about" RC soaring:

See How It Flies
This is an absolutely wonderful on-line book about airplane theory as well as full-scale aircraft flying. It is quite large and has basic information for the casual reader and more information for those interested in more detailed theory. If you still think wings generate lift because they are curved on top, you should read this on-line book. See How It Flies


Soaring Stuff
One of our long-time club members (means old guy), Taylor Collins, runs a specialty supply outfit called Soaring Stuff. Lots of hard to find stuff including tapes, wing rods, skids, winch line, servos, etc.


Aircraft Spruce & Specialty 
A major supplier of full-scale aircraft supplies. Also many useful products for the modeler.

Aerospace Composite Products
A primary source for fiberglass, carbon and other composite building supplies.

The Composite Store
Another key source of composite materials such as glass, carbon and kevlar cloth.

Just "Plane" Fun

Unusual Aviation Pictures
This site has a large number of unusual aviation pictures. Ever see a 747 land at 45 degrees to a runway? You will here. Or perhaps you'd liked to see a video of a passenger plane's jet wake tossing a pickup truck into the ocean.

Link & Directory Sites

One of the better "directory" sites that will help you find just about anything you are looking for.

Another good "directory" site.

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